Tools and resources

Experience and know-how are still our main tools. However, nowadays professional translations require more than just brains, paper and a typewriter. In addition to our good old reliable dictionaries, we also use the following tools.


PCs with Intel and/or AMD processors
Conversion of Macintosh files upon request
Redundant data storage ("mirroring") on several PCs to avoid data loss
Archiving on CD-Rs
Scanners for OCR applications and integration of images and graphics
600 dpi laser printers for paper copy


Operating systems: Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP
Word processing: Microsoft Word, conversion to other formats upon request
DTP / Layout: FrameMaker
This programme is especially suitable for the compilation and processing of larger documents and is preferred by many of our customers
Translation memory:Trados Workbench
For speeding up repetitive work and compiling terminology databases
Databases: Microsoft Access, AskSam
Spreadsheets: Microsoft Excel
Graphics / presentations: FreeHand, Flowcharter Professional, Microsoft PowerPoint
Localisation software: Trados Freelance, Corel Catalyst

The World Wide Web is becoming increasingly important and is now one of our most regularly used "tools". We use it as a virtually unlimited reference book and dictionary when we need to get familiar with new specialist fields and technologies or decipher abbreviations etc.
Also, as a registered user of the European Union's Celex database, we can research directives and other EU documents for you and ensure that officially authorised translations are used in quotations.
Of course we are always happy to discuss any special requests you may have. For large-volume assignments, we can acquire additional software where necessary. Otherwise, format conversions or work-arounds can be arranged.