Price calculation

Prices are subject to a number of factors - language combination, level of difficulty, repetitions, overall length of text and so on. The more information you give us on the text to be translated, the easier it is for us to quote you a price.

We normally calculate standard lines of 55 strokes (including spaces) of the target text i.e. the finished translation. This may vary slightly from the length of the source text.

We give individual discounts for large orders and can give you a flat-rate quotation upon request.

We charge an hourly rate for translation work which cannot be quantified in lines (e.g. software strings or graphics which are processed using special tools), as well as for proof-reading and editing of texts not translated by ourselves.

We will send you a detailed written quotation for large orders and a binding quotation by e-mail or fax for smaller jobs (up to 3 pages).

You may send a detailed request to:
or by fax or regular mail.