We cannot offer you a permanent job …

… but we do need some extra help occasionally

As a partnership of freelance translators we are not a translation agency in the conventional sense; we try to keep our workload at a level which our partners can cope with themselves. But of course, we are confronted with larger orders, and to keep our regular customers happy and meet their requested deadlines, we sometimes have to call on the help of other qualified colleagues who are not regular members of our team.

If you are interested in occasional freelance co-operation, you can send us an informal letter (by e-mail, post or fax) containing the following information:

your name
your full address (including e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers)
details on your native and working languages
details of your qualifications (university degrees, examinations as a translator etc.)
details of your specialised fields
a brief summary of your professional experience, if possible with references

We will then file away your co-ordinates in our database; these will normally only be recalled for our own purposes. Occasionally, however, a colleague asks us if we know of anyone who can help him or her out. If you would like us to pass on your data, please state this explicitly in your letter.

We regret that due to the large number of enquiries which we have been receiving lately we are not able to return any documents which you may send us by post.

E-mail: office@technomedia-translations.de